Banks to punish people if they withdraw money

Banks to punish people if they withdraw money

Freedom of speech and action comes under severe attack to citizens of India. Government will punish them if they hoard cash and banks will punish them if they withdraw cash. Indian citizens complain they don’t know what to do with their hard earned money. If they deposit in bank then the bank wont return it back to them and if they do they will impose hefty fines. If they keep their hard earned money at home then the Gov will come after them and impose fines. Its becoming really difficult for common Indian folks who are caught in the Gov-Bank nexus.

online or cashless transactions as suggested by few people are totally limited in India. Experts agree its too early and not the right time for the gov to push India into cashless society especially when there is severe dearth of infrastructure, security for online transaction. Most villages aren’t having electricity forget about internet. Cyber crimes have sharply increased thanks to dearth of online security. The moves by the gov and banks have managed to give sleepless nights to the citizens .