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How to reverse uric acid build up naturally

How to reverse uric acid build up naturally

The food we eat produces uric acid. Uric acid is disposed by the kidney through urine and stools. In cases kidney can’t dispose them the  uric acid builds up in blood and causes solid crystals to be formed at joints and nearby tissues. This is know  as gout. Gout makes any form of movement related to those joints very painful. Too much uric acid can also cause kidney stones and kidney failure. 

Since uric acid is produced through breaking down of food its very important what we eat. Also this problem can be controlled and reversed by eating certain foods. 

Foods that contain  uric acid and can reverse them. 

Apple cider Vinegar with water

Having apple cider vinegar on empty stomach with water the first thing in the morning is highly effective way to combat gout. 

This is combination not only controls uric acid but also reverses the condition by destroying the crystals. vinegar breaks down the solid Foods to combat and reverse uric acid and destroys it. This is the most potent and proven food to fight gout. 

Lemon juice

Citric acid present in lemon and lime I known to dissolve the uric acid crystals and bring gout condition under immediately control. Also when taken on empty stomach early in the morning cleanses blood of all toxins. 


Berry of any form have anti gout property and naturally reduce uric acid in the blood and gets the condition completely under control. Have plenty of, Berry juice or ear Berry.

Turmeric and ginger juice 

Turmeric and  gingers juice with water before going to bed acts as powerful cleansers of blood and detox blood including uric acid. Turmeric cancer fighting and anti inflammation  property is legendendary and ginger cleansing properties make sure blood is cleansed of uric acid and crystals. 


Foods that naturaly unclog your blocked arteries

Blockage of artery lead to high chances of heart attack.  We know lots of unhealthy foods that clog our arteries. But it’s important to know the foods that naturally unclog our arteries.  Let us go on a journey to discover the best available natural foods to unclog the arteries. 

  1. ARJUNA :

This ayurvedic bark is the most powerful food that strengthens your heart, unclog the arteries and fight any form of heart disease. Potency of ARJUNA herb is legendary and is lab tests have ascertained that 3 months of regular consumption of ARJUNA will reduce your heart attack chance by more than 80%.


This ayurvedic herb is very potent when it comes to cleansing blocked arteries. This has to be a part of everyday diet if you need to stop  the plague buildup and unclog arteries by stopping blood from forming clots which is vital to unclog the arteries

Taken everyday on empty stomach brings down your blood pressure and allows destruction of free radical and generation of hormones that maintain clean arteries.  It protects LDL cholesterol from getting oxidized and reduces blood pressure. 

Wheatgrass is known to be one of the biggest cleanser of human body. Regular consumption of live wheatgrass is known to be potent medicine for body regeneration, so much that people exposed to nuclear radiation when fed with wheatgrass regularly for 3 months the body started to regenerate itself and get radiation out of the system. It’s pure protein with all known amino acids present , huge dose of vitamins and antioxidants destroy all problems in the body. Its will not only reduce the blood pressure but increases the supply of blood oxygen to heart apart from bringing blood pressure down and lowering cholesterol. Supply of powerful nutrients to heart results in rebuilding the damaged parts and draining out toxin from the valve.


This naturally occurring super food has highly potency in detoxifying , revitalizing and regenerating good hormones in the body.  Spirulina thins your blood and oxidises and clears  plagues. Lowers LDL & triglycerides and increases HDL ( good cholestrol ) all the while thinning blood for better nutrient absorption and flow in the arteries. 


It’s a natural artery cleanser and provides immense benefits to the heart. comes with good amount of fiber and amino acid asparagine helps flush your body of excess salt. Helps bring blood pressure under control. 


High in antioxidants and anti inflammation property and cancer destroyer makes sure that arteries are kept clean from plague buildup. curcumin prevents cholesterol oxidation that is the main reason for plaque buildup, destruction of blood vessels. Curcumin has vitamin B6, essential in maintaining optimal homocysteine levels, excess of which could cause plaque buildup and blood vessel damage. 

Make sure lining of your arteries are protected and keeps the arteries open by not constricting it.  Must have food for prevention of heart problems because it protects LDL cholestrol particles from oxidation which is the main reason for plague buildup.