You are what you practice Everyday

Whole city had gathered to witness a soccer player who was showing his juggling and soccer skills. The whole city was mesmerised expect for one person. 

As soon as the soccer player displayed a new trick, this person would say “ahhh that would require a lot of practise”. 

The soccer star got pissed and called this person on the stage. 

Soccer star: Can do any of the tricks that was displayed?

City guy: calmly “nope I cant, but with practise nebody can”

Soccer star:  Hoe long will you take to do the same

City guy: let me show you something and you tell me if you can do this?

Take a onion from the bag he is holding. Takes a knife and chops it into smallest of prices in matter of seconds.

Then asks the soccer star. Can you chop the onions as fast as I did to the smallest peice you can?

Soccer star: No I cant

City guy: I work assistant chef and for last 2yrs I have been only chopping onions and vegetables. Everyday practise has made me the best chopper in my restaurant.  This is what I meant when I said “if you practise you an do it”. 
Summary : What have you been practising everyday?


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